New rule offers 6-day visa-free stay in Yangtze Delta

In a move aimed at boosting business and tourism, visitors from 51 countries will soon be entitled to spend six days in the Yangtze Delta without first obtaining a visa if they are in transit to other countries.

The government is set to introduce the new 144-hour transit policy on January 30 for international travelers arriving in Shanghai, Nanjing and Hangzhou, the Ministry of Public Security said yesterday.

According to the ministry, foreigners availing themselves of the scheme can enter Shanghai (at any port), Nanjing (Lukou International Airport) and Hangzhou (Xiaoshan International Airport) without a visa. They can also leave China from any of these ports.



Participants are requested to check with the Chinese Consulate or diplomatic mission in their home country for visa requirements. It is the responsibility of the participant to obtain a visa if required. Please note that Chinese visa applications and process can take up to 2 MONTHS or MORE, so make sure to plan ahead.

Where can I get a Conference invitation letter so that I can apply for a visa?

The Invitation Letter can be downloaded at the congress website upon completing your registration process. If you require a letter before you have registered for the meeting, please send an e-mail with your FULL contact details, including: name (as printed in your passport), full postal address to the Congress Secretariat at and an official invitation letter (PDF) will be prepared and sent to your e-mail. Please note that it is suggested to make an application for a tourist visa that is sufficient for attending a Conference in China.

Official Invitation Letter (Original Copy of invitation letter)
In order to obtain the formal invitation letter for applying your entry visa to China for the coming congress, please send your following full concerned information:

1. Your full name (as printed in your passport)
2. Nationality
3. Passport number
4. Your gender (male or female)
5. Date of Birth

To the secretariat at If you have any accompanying person, please send his or her the same mentioned information. It takes min. 7 working days to apply for the original invitation letter.